Self-work ( Anxiety, anger, confidence, procrastination, assertiveness, loneliness, self-doubt, addiction, fear of failing, life transition challenges, stress management, adjustment concern, grief work, social media comparison, lack of general fulfilment, people pleasing, jealousy, need for perfection, FOMO, existential crisis and body image concerns.

communication, intimacy, infertility, conflict resolution, navigating through marital phases ( parenthood, mismatched ambition, planning a family , buying a house, changing careers etc.) infidelity, divorce/custody related concern, and sexual dysfunction related stress, life phase challenges and in-laws related adjustment.

Sibling rivalry, extended family relationships, relational dynamics amongst family members, being a caregiver to a terminally ill family member, parent-child relationship strain, parental disagreement and emotional estrangement.

Workplace relationships, grapevine, social anxiety, layoffs, offsite travel, reorg. transition, workplace harassment, promotion related disappointment, work-life balance, mental health sensitivity, inclusivity challenges, competition and comparison.

General mental health concerns

Anxiety, depression, OCD, sleeplessness, irritable outbursts, decreased ability to focus at work or at home and Social withdrawal.

Relationship Counselling

Pre-marital counselling, commitment related blocks, incompatibility, decision making doubts, breakup, realigning relationship expectations and managing one’s own reactions.

Trauma related work

Abuse, PTSD, childhood related unresolved concerns, trauma resulting from natural calamity and physical trauma resulting from a medical condition impacting mental health.