Individual Therapy

“Buckle up”, “Don’t be a cry baby”, “ This happens in life move on”, “You’re not the only one”, “But how will you be seen by others”, “It’s a stupid thing that you are obsessing about” , “Time heals all wounds you don’t need to worry about such trivial things”. Do any of these statements sound familiar or make you feel like you might have heard them as a part of growing up? We are a nation of emotional suppressors; it’s inbuilt in us to discard our internal voice and follow the norm. It’s not surprising then for us to put our mental health on the backburner.

We are conditioned to thrive and survive as a mature individual. On top of that the burden of social perception, fast paced work life, social media influence and daunting life demands, it is nothing but easy to “sush” the voice of your disturbing thoughts and feelings. After all it’s easy to pretend like all is good than to admit you are suffering, lonely or need help.

No matter your age or cultural background, you might have had experiences when you have felt unheard, unattended, dejected, saddened by your own self or by people close to you.

Therapy would be of help to you if you –

  • Feel clueless about where you are headed in life and lack direction.

  • If you battle with anxiety , depression , overthinking, comparison or sleeplessness due to stress.

  • Your internal dialogue is mostly self-deprecating and you feel helpless about how to turn that around.

  • Confidence, assertiveness, anger, perfectionism, procrastination, identity dilemma and existential void are some possible issues that make you feel worried/concerned.

  • When you cry /worry for no reason and no matter what someone says/does, it does not help you feel any better.

  • Irritability, feeling left out, social disconnect, need for control, latching on to relationships are some signs that you might need therapeutic help.

These and other not mentioned concerns if not addressed timely can make you feel stuck and create feeling of powerlessness.