Couple Therapy

"Great relationships don't just fall into our laps. They require people to move through their fears and insecurities, and do the hard work to move wounds into healing.”

~Vienna Pharaon

To some couples it may feel like their relationship changed drastically in a few days/weeks time, but a lot of times it takes months or years to reach a point of disconnect. The tricky thing with couple relationships is when a couple stops working on their relationship the relationship stops working!

Couples might face multiple challenges ranging from work related stress, complex relationship with in-laws, marital adjustment, pre-marital uncertainty, infertility, parenting concerns or infidelity. Also, burdening responsibilities can make the partners unavailable for each other. Over time this leads to relational neglect and loss of shared dreams/goals.

It might also be the case that a partner is struggling with anxiety, trauma, loss, depression or burnout due to extra workload. This could impact the spouse who witnesses the partner go through a hard time. Speaking to a therapist can provide tools and an outlet to untangle a gridlock in order to get past such a rough patch.

Therapy helps in revealing the repetitive patterns that can keep a couple stuck with their problems. They can find therapy helpful and insightful particularly, when they have been unable to find peace while being together. Some positive outcomes of therapy include increased intimacy, enhanced ability to express one’s needs, reignited affection, better communication skills to resolve conflicts, talking openly and fighting productively.

In a scenario when couples are not able to overcome betrayals or lack mutual respect, therapy can offer support and help them work through it.

I take a collaborative, unbiased approach to help couples effectively work through their issues. My goal is to improve the quality of your relationship so you feel more connected, and are able to effectively handle challenges in your relationship.