Corporate Specialisations

  • Conducting corporate counselling facilitating group sessions and conducting workshops on topics ranging from work-life balance to conscious parenting, conflict management , mindfulness at work and combatting relational hiccups etc. with the most recent being "Dealing with stress, uncertainty and coronavirus fatigue".

  • Designing and delivering manager sensitization, mental health awareness and client based customised workshops/ webinars has been an enthralling part of the work I have done so far. Association with Fortune 500 companies has allowed me to work with people from all walks of life and allowed me to expand my skillset beyond therapy and supervision.

  • Conducting CISD ( critical incidence stress debriefing) i.e. Group sessions on critical occasions like layoffs, restructuring or an unfortunate event at workplace has also been an area of my engagement with corporates based out of Bangalore.

Supervisory/ Team leading Experience

  • I have been a team lead and have supervised a team of counsellors with their diverse caseload while I worked for an EAP company and an online start-up during the past few years.

  • Professional/personal supervision, training on corporate workshops, designing webinars , leading the team management vertical through session reviews ,case discussions and peer supervisions have been some of my most cherished accomplishment as a mental health practitioner. This has helped me in widening the scope of supervised and regulated therapeutic practice apart from creating pathways for maturing my practice over the years.

  • Honing the counselling skillset as well as witnessing the transformative journey of a fellow therapist are the two most remarkable experiences of being a supervisor.