Family Therapy

Family relationships are the most cherished and yet at times complex relationships. Family therapy is a rigorous form of therapy that involves multiple level engagement and dynamics.

Since each family is unique in its own way, the task of a therapist is to assess various problems at individual and interactional level between the members. It’s imperative to explore what triggers or impacts each individual , identify longstanding patterns, beliefs and challenges faced in each relationship that contribute in persistence of problems.

Despite, the most sincere intentions and efforts, various attempts to solve problems can be easily become a part of the system that usually creates or maintains a problem. For instance, advice giving, nitpicking or constant disagreement can be seen as a sign of care/love but can be at the very root of disengagement between the members.

Family therapy allows each member to speak about their point of view in a safe space wherein multiple perspectives are respected, voiced, understood and made sense of. The goal is to facilitate flow of communication by asking questions , looking at areas of strengths, failures, past achievements and support available.

Various customized therapeutic approaches are used to meet each family’s needs, dreams and goals. Exploration in the session focuses on but is not limited to areas of discord, change each member envisions , limits of emotional functioning and dysfunctional patterns of engagement.

Possible struggles for families could be in the form of parenting challenges or disagreement, unbalanced role responsibilities among family members, household stress or multigenerational concerns like separation, grief/loss, communication barriers, addiction, life-phase changes ,illness of a family member or a combination of two three stressors. Family therapy can be of huge help especially when problems continue and members experience negative feelings like disappointment, hurt, frustration, irritability, grudge holding, loneliness or hopelessness.