What counselling with me looks like

My name is Yukti Khushu and I believe in individualized need based interventions for each person seeking therapy. There can never be a “one size fits all approach” to understanding an individual’s inner world. To bring about a therapeutic change I make use of solution focused brief therapy, rational emotive behavioural therapy, cognitive behaviour therapy, art & play therapy (with children), transaction analysis, dynamic interpersonal therapy and a combination of approaches to address individual ,marital and family concerns.

My niche areas of interest are couples, marriage and families. Knowing a marriage was saved, a self-harm averted and a relationship strengthened are the most satisfying feelings of the work I do. I feel equally fulfilled when I work on self-improvement concerns like battling negative tendencies that bring us down or dealing with traumas of past that can change us in ways unknown to us.

Professional Bio

I am a Masters in Psychology (Gold Medallist), Net holder and a certified Couple therapist from "Relationship Australia", Melbourne. I have been working as a counselling psychologist from past 9 years with various organisations before starting my private practice.

These are some of my academic and professional credentials:

  • I am a qualified Transactional Analysis professional (Certified by International Transactional Analysis Association, ITAA) with extensive experience in working with diverse clientele of various age groups, cultural backgrounds in diverse settings namely, school, corporates, NGO's and couple therapy setups.

  • I have also worked as a research assistant at Indian Institute of Technology (Delhi) for a research on Emotion, Language and Culture in collaboration with a German university. Exploring multiple avenues for growth and learning has allowed me to understand various setups.

I am also trained on trauma work and hold a clinical trauma therapy certification ( CCTP) from an accredited psychology forum based out of the US.

My Personal Side

I loved studying psychology since my school days. Little did I know that the countless life struggles and an inquisitive mind would bring me to choosing this ever-growing and fulfilling career of becoming a counselling psychologist. As a part of my Masters, I had my first experience of sitting on the other side of the chair. Even though anxiety provoking and uncertain initially, it transformed me as a person. This propelled me to pursue a career in this helping profession.

There are certain things which bring me joy and lift my spirits when I am feeling low. I love reading books, I have been a professional dancer; dancing offers me a good meditative channel of releasing any disturbing thoughts.

The multiple roles that I play in life like a daughter, wife, a busy mom, therapist , a supervisor and a self introspecting individual have taught me gratitude, self-love and patience in life. Being an avid baker, I sometimes get enough time to reflect over the feelings that bring me down as I get lost in the chore of breaking the eggs in the bowl for my cake. Working out and playing sports are some other ways which help me recoup my mental energy.

In short – I enjoy doing what I do and I put my everything in it. I won’t promise miracles, but I assure that I’ll give it everything I have for you. If you’ve come this far, my guess is you’re ready to do the same for yourself.

I’d love to chat with you! Schedule a discovery call with me so that we can start a conversation.