LGBTQ+Affirming Therapy

If you’re looking for a therapist who gets your unique concerns and offers you a judgement free space to share your struggles, dilemmas and choices, I could be able to help you. Coming out can be a frightening and nerve-wracking experience especially if you have no support. There might be grey areas that need processing like --- whom should you be loving/dating, what does it mean to be you, what is acceptable vs what needs to be hidden from social scrutiny or maybe you’re done dealing with the snarky comments and stares of people who are anything but open-minded. I don’t have an experience of being a part of the LGBTQ community that you might be looking for in your therapist but I want you to know I’m here to help..

A lot of times “ issues” come from lack of support, discrimination, bullying, social conditioning and stereotypes and not born out of temperament or rigidity.

You might be wondering what does LGBTQ affirming even means. Affirming to me means being present, acknowledging and supporting of you for who you are.

Please know that I undergo thorough rigorous trainings on various aspects of counselling on a time to time basis. Most recent one being Trauma therapy. I have had significant experience working with clients from LGBTQ community. The concerns on which we have worked together have been fairly diverse. This is just to let you know that you are not going to be working with a rookie who has no clue about your emotional makeup.

Things that I will /will not do when I work on a LGBTQ counselling.

  • For parents, friends and acquaintances—Please know I am not going to “ Fix” some whose belong is LGBTQ. I will not convince your kid that they’re identity is not true to their being. In fact that is the opposite of what counselling does. I can help families, individuals and partners process their emotions associated with gender/ sexual identity of someone whom they care about.

  • LGBTQ couple counselling is an area that is a part my niche—In the past I have had a successful sail with gay couples working on intimacy, conflict, commitment and communication in their relationship.

  • Expect my support and advocacy. I’ve got your back when it comes to working through various areas of your life to feel loved, accepted and confident. There is ample research that suggests that the most valuable tool to offer to LGBTQ community is support. That is exactly what I am going to offer you in my sessions.